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Drunk and fucked

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He´s been drinking a whole lot so he´s more than happy to bend over to have his asshole opened by a hard dick. This isn´t the kind of thing he would normally do but he´s too loaded to know what´s really going on. That´s why he´s bent over and taking it like a bitch on the bed.

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Drunken Gay

Drunken Gay

What´s better than straight out hardcore gay sex? Drunken gay sex that´s what! When the girly dudes let go of all their worries and just fuck each others butts like there´s no tommorow. Needless to say all the gay butt fucking can get quite intense as they are all drunk after all, and apart from being totally hot the episodes can also get quite hilarious!

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05 October, 2009, bopassif
bo passif

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