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Burglar fucked hard

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The young man broke into the house looking for some money and all he got out of it was a fuck in the butt. When the older guy that lives there found him he grabbed the youngster and forced him to take cock in the ass. He´s bent over the couch getting hammered from behind like a bitch.

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Gays Tales

Gays Tales

This site brings you the sexy tales horny gay guys have told many a times about some of their more daring sexual encounters. The cock loving fellows re-enact that wonderful time they had with another guy down to every last detail so needless to say the episodes do get quite intense which is defnitely a good thing right?

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User's comments

18 December, 2009, raheel
i like it to much but plz send me full movies on my e mail id.

05 December, 2009, sinaco

27 November, 2009, niknak05
i would let you put your big thick dick up my ars anytime you or place

26 November, 2009, hanu
hi i m looking sexy

16 September, 2009, alexander
nice n great porn i wish i could try to have sex with same sex.

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